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What Are The Differences Between The PAX 2 and 3 Vaporisers?

In recent years, loose leaf vaping has made a significant comeback, aided in part by the increasing popularity of CBD infused products such as dry herb hemp and oils. With the benefits of CBD now widely known, more and more vaporisers have been reinvigorating their products to keep up with the innovations of cannabidiol.

Whether you’re a casual CBD user or you find that it’s effects have medical benefits, the best method of use has long been thought to be through vaping CBD infused liquids and loose-leaf. One reason for this is that vaping CBD gives you a more instantaneous relief, the chemicals reaching and reacting with your bloodstream far faster than through the lungs. This where companies such as PAX Labs enter the scene, with 13 years of vaping development and knowhow under their belts, it’s unsurprising that their range of products has become widely recognised as the “iPhone of e-cigs” and vaporisers.


Who Are PAX Labs?


PAX Labs are a company who were founded in 2007 and paved the way for e-liquid and e-cigarette production and design. The company was one of the first to develop the innovative nicotine salt infused e-liquids. These made higher nicotine concentrations more palatable for ex-smokers, ensuring that no one turns back to tobacco. After the development of their famed JUUL pod mod and sister company, the PAX Labs turned their attention towards loose-leaf vaporisers.


What Is The PAX 2?


A sleek yet sturdy, metal-cased loose-leaf device, the PAX 2 vaporiser is the second device in the PAX series, the first of which was released in 2012. The PAX 2 comes with a subtle and easy to use fire button and LED light, alongside four different, simple selection temperature options.


What Is The PAX 3?


The PAX 3 was first released in 2016, but even four years on, it is still one of the most popular devices on the market. With a quicker ramp-up time and a longer battery life, one of the most exciting aspects of the PAX 3 is that it comes with its own app! This means that you can keep your device connected and updated to its most optimum level, adding growth to an already powerful and subtle vaping experience.


Which Is Right For Me?


PAX 2 Is Less Expensive

As it is an older model, released a year before the PAX 3, the PAX 2 vape device is considerably less pricey than its heir. Whilst both have the same size loose leaf oven container, there is less you can personalise with the PAX 2, which also makes it slightly simpler and intuitive to use.


PAX 3 Is More Versatile


For the seasoned loose leaf vaper, the PAX 3 not only has more temperature control settings, but it’s also got several oven sizes, meaning you can vape loose leaf, waxes and much more. This gives those who are used to vaping CBD a considerable amount more to play around with, helping them on their journey towards their vaping sweet spot.


What’s The Best Device For CBD E-Liquids?


Whilst PAX vape devices are flexible in what you can load them up with, those who vape with CBD e-liquids rather than loose-leaf hemp are probably better off purchasing a tank loaded vape device, primed for e-liquid vaping.

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