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Everything you need to know about the IQOS

Everything you need to know about the IQOS


As the vape industry continues to evolve and grow, there are many devices on the market that draw the eye. From cutting edge mechanical mods to the tried and tested familiarity of the pod mod, the possibilities for vaping seem near-infinite.


Cue the revolutionary IQOS UK, a device that pairs the most effective parts of the smoking cessation boom with stylish and intuitive designs. The IQOS is a device that might be of interest to not only vapers but smokers who are looking to give up for good. This blog will outline just what it is that makes the IQOS so unique, and some of the ways it could help you to quit smoking whilst easing yourself into nicotine cut downs. 


Phillip Morris 


Phillip Morris is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, and have been creating tobacco products since 2008 when it split from the JUUL owning Altria. Like tobacco giant Altria, the Phillip Morris company has started to focus on vaping products, keeping itself firmly on the crest of the wave of smoking cessation products on the market. One such product is the IQOS device.


IQOS And Heat Not Burn


The IQOS is a heat not burn tobacco device that functions in a way similar to a pod mod. The difference between vape products and the IQOS is that it heats up cylinders of compressed, flavoured tobacco instead of e-liquid. The heat not burn settings for the IQOS have to be different from regular vape devices because tobacco heats up at a different temperature to e-liquids. The clever trick that the IQOS designers managed to pull off is the balance of temperature they’ve created. The Heets are heated to a temperature that’s hot enough to evaporate, but not hot enough to burn.


Nicotine And The IQOS


One of the aspects that sets the IQOS out from vaping products is that its use of tobacco permits a higher nicotine concentration than e-liquids under the TPD laws. Whilst vaping products can only contain 20 mg of nicotine per 10 ml bottle, the nicotine concentration of heat not burn devices is higher, rivalling that of actual cigarettes. 


Flavours Of The IQOS

The IQOS provides a smooth inhale that is elevated by its triple filter technology. This technology not only purifies the taste but also helps to filter out a lot of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. The flavours available on the IQOS are focused on tobacco tastes as well, providing a range of full-bodied flavours including menthol, that reflect the tobacco that Phillip Morris also sells. 


How The IQOS Compares To Pod Mods


There’s a good reason why vaping companies and retailers are selling e-liquids, CBD and Heets in the same marketplace. On some levels, the IQOS fits perfectly into the same smoking cessation Venn diagram section that pod mods also exist within. The IQOS uses it’s own form of pods in the form of Heet cartridges and ensures safe vaping with internal temperature control and a fire button. The only difference is in its application of heated tobacco rather than e-liquids.


Who Should Use The IQOS?


So, with to its strong nicotine concentrations, ingenious designs and rich, full-bodied flavours, the IQOS and the IQOS HEETS online options could be the perfect way for you to quit smoking for good and are suited to those who aren’t quite ready to give up the sensation of smoking.

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