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What Is A Temperature Control Vape Device?

With a dizzying array of vape devices now being sold, it can be difficult to ascertain which smoking cessation device is the perfect fit for your taste and lifestyle. From the simple potency of pod mods and vape pens to the swap and chop components of variable mods, different vapers will find different interests within heat not burn culture. 


With a wide range on sale at vape stores in London, this blog will give you a brief overview of just one kind of device, and the benefits and setbacks that users might find. Temperature control expands the possibilities of vape devices and can elevate taste and potency as well. Below is everything you need to know about what you can expect from a temperature control vape device.


What Is Temperature Control?


The best vape shops in London stock temperature control vape devices, smoking cessation tools that switch up the power flowing through the device, thus affecting the temperature of the vapour it produces. Often coming with a dial system and LED display that presents you with the device’s current temperature, temperature control vaporisers change the current, voltage and resistance flowing through its circuit to reach the temperature at which you’ve set it to heat. 


Variations On The Temperature Control Device


Temperature control devices are designed to enhance your vaping experience, whatever the material your vaping with might be. In many vape stores, you’ll find devices that work with loose leaf material, such as the PAX 2 vaporiser as well as devices that focus on e-liquids. 


Dry Herb Vaporisers


The PAX 3 and PAX 2 vaporisers are designed as temperature control devices for loose leaf material. These devices can heat and vaporise loose-leaf materials, using much the same heating techniques as the IQOS UK does with compressed tobacco. Dry herb vapes like the PAX have four temperature settings, reaching up to 215 degrees C of heat, almost double that of e-liquid temperature control devices. 


Temperature Matches Taste


Using a temperature control device means that you can experiment with the temperature your device produces. In turn, this will affect the taste of your vape liquid or loose-leaf material. This freedom gifts you with the flexibility to find your vaping sweet spot. Many vape liquids have different nicotine and PG/VG balances, these factors will determine what temperature they taste best at. 


Vape Your way


With this flexibility, you will have the chance to hone in your vaping sweet spot. Whilst some people prefer cool, larger inhales, others might prefer their vape settings to favour smaller, more intense hits. The freedom is yours, and temperature control gives you back control of your vaping habits. 




Bear in mind that temperature control devices often use rebuildable decks. This means that you can change the coils, atomisers and wicking cotton that your device uses. Although it’s yet another freedom for you to explore, you will have to do your research into which coils best suit temperature control devices. Coils optimised for temperature control vaping include nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils.

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